201 Bishopsgate and The Broadgate Tower

The Broadgate Tower and 201 Bishopsgate stand prominently within the renowned Broadgate business district in the City of London. SOM has been active in the district since it began to take shape in the 1980s, designing public space enhancements and many key buildings.

At 33 stories, The Broadgate Tower ranks among London’s tallest structures. The office building features double-deck elevators and, thanks to side-mounted cores, desirable open floor plates. Located near Liverpool Street Station, the tower was built above rail tracks and shares a 2.3-acre deck with 201 Bishopsgate, its shorter counterpart. Structural steel struts crisscrossing the glass facades of both buildings give them a rigorous, expressive quality.

A covered passageway with shops and cafes stretches between the two structures. Trees in and around the galleria help create a relaxed atmosphere. Sustainable features in both buildings include heat-recovery systems and lighting that dims in response to daylight levels.