600 Lonsdale Street

600 Lonsdale brings a new genre of high rise to Melbourne. Programmatically diverse, solar-responsive, and a model of biophilic design, the building blurs boundaries between work, life, and leisure.

Situated on a prominent corner in Melbourne’s legal precinct, the 42-story building contributes to the rapidly transforming "West End" of the central business district. 600 Lonsdale combines 24,400 square meters of A-grade office space, a 280-key boutique hotel, amenities, and retail space. Terraces and balconies express the building mass as a series of volumes, mediating between the scale of surrounding heritage buildings and the neighborhood's emerging high-rise context.

Four landscaped terraces, distributed throughout the height of the building, will accommodate a variety of uses and users. The terraces are connected by a network of vertical green "laneways" rising up the facade. Formed by balconies with integrated planters and discrete growing armatures, these vertical gardens also reinforce the building's overall massing and articulation strategy. By making outdoor amenities and balconies accessible from office spaces at every level, the integrated landscape design offers a setting for collaboration and interaction, as well as for respite and connection with nature.

The facade design is inspired by Melbourne’s rich legacy of terracotta and faience facades. A skin of vertical terracotta shading elements wraps the building, affording it a texture and tactility that resonates with the heritage fabric of the precinct. This design choice also significantly reduces solar radiation and minimizes embodied carbon.

To meet the demands of the new workplace, the building's offset core and perimeter cantilevers enable office floorplates that are open, adaptable, and highly flexible. A welcoming and open ground level with operable storefront elements further blurs the boundaries of use as hotel, while office and retail functions interact and overlap. This further eases the boundaries between inside and outside, public and private, and will help foster a sense of community and openness at street level. The dynamic mix of uses will extend the building's activity from the workweek into the weekend, firmly rooting 600 Lonsdale in the emerging life and energy of the neighborhood.