Almaty International Medical Center

The Almaty International Medical Center puts forth a new model of care for Kazakhstan’s healthcare sector. This pioneering facility is designed to accommodate future change and expansion to rapidly adapt to the demands of this evolving market. With the opportunity to capture a demographic that often seeks medical treatment outside the country, the center aims to become the leading private hospital to offer state-of-the-art inpatient and outpatient services with an elevated standard of care.

The building’s massing reflects the diverse mix of programmatic needs: high-throughput outpatient floors occupy a larger footprint at the base; diagnostic, surgical, oncology, and maternity care are located on the mid-level platforms; and inpatient units are sited on the compact upper floors.

The design takes advantage of these variable footprints, aligning the program volumes along the city side of the site to amplify the center's urban presence along a major avenue. This alignment results in a terraced rear facade that gives patients and staff access to outdoor space, generous landscaping, and remarkable mountain views.

From the entry driveways to the lobbies, gracious arrival spaces will define patients' critical first impression, fostering confidence and establishing a level of comfort that stands in contrast to the typical experience of a medical institution. The center further aims to provide a more restorative, hospitality-inspired atmosphere by balancing clinical efficiency with luxurious amenities.