Arcapita Bank Headquarters

A prominent location combined with innovative sculptural form gives the Arcapita Headquarters a significant presence in Bahrain Bay, a waterfront development planned by SOM and now under construction in Manama, the capital of Bahrain.

The Arcapita Headquarters building is composed of a spacious rectilinear volume perched atop a sculptural plinth that resembles rolling waves. The upper portion contains 18,500 square meters of office space, with ample glazing offering sweeping views of the water. Louvers situated between a double-layer curtain wall help mitigate solar heat gain. The building’s lower portion features public amenities including lobbies, restaurants, an auditorium, and a contemporary art gallery.

Situated in the landscape adjacent to Arcapita Headquarters, the Arcapita mosque is a two-level, stone-clad cube structure that has been awarded for excellence in design, engineering, and construction. The 750-square-meter mosque allows for 100 men on the main level and 30 women on the mezzanine level to attend the prayer. Its distinctive triangular windows and a perimeter skylight illuminate solemn interior spaces for prayer and reflection. The building also includes ablution rooms and an open courtyard facing Mecca with a 50-meter-tall minaret.

A guiding principle during the design process was to integrate the Arcapita complex into the larger development of Bahrain Bay. The headquarters building and mosque have direct access to the water, the island’s main boulevard, and a sizable park. As one of the first completed projects in the mixed-use development, the complex is a promising sign of what is to come