Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore Sun looked to SOM to seamlessly combine its workplace and printing operations into a single building and create a welcoming, state-of-the-art environment for its employees. The result is a highly collaborative space that celebrates the history and mission of the revered newspaper, while positioning the company to evolve with the future of publishing.

As the largest daily newspaper in Maryland, The Baltimore Sun seeks to deliver the truth through its Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism. With its lease expiring at its downtown location, the company decided to move its operations to its printing facility, located in Port Covington, an up-and-coming district on the Baltimore waterfront. Built in 1998 with the intent to eventually serve as a corporate campus, the printing facility included a building module that was underutilized and primed for renovation.

SOM transformed a highly compartmentalized, outdated manufacturing space into a collaborative, welcoming environment for both office employees and the printing team. With a detailed site analysis, the team identified the best location for a new entry vestibule and enhanced arrival experience. Beyond the reception area, a central gathering space called the “living room” offers seating types for varied work styles, a hospitality zone, and meeting rooms. With multipurpose spaces that are used for remote work and social activities, the living room serves as the focal point of the building. A glass wall provides an acoustical barrier while offering views of the fast-paced newsroom.

New furniture standards support the collaborative culture of the newsroom. Desks with sit-stand capabilities, a combination of benching and 120-degree workstations fitted with monitors, and enhanced lighting create a bright and engaging space. A detailed graphics program, including “page one” and Pulitzer Prize walls, reinforces the publication’s identity and highlights key moments in its history. Additional amenities include a new recording studio, employee locker rooms and showers, and upgraded HVAC systems.

The renovation allows The Baltimore Sun to streamline its operations within an inspirational space, where employees serve the community through essential reporting and storytelling.