BBVA Centro Tecnológico

BBVA Centro Tecnológico is a highly secure data center and office complex that provides critical information technology support for the bank’s operations worldwide. Located on high ground at the edge of Mexico City—an active earthquake region—the 31,025-square-meter complex is designed to the highest levels of safety and redundancy. Certified as a Tier IV facility by the Uptime Institute, the complex is protected from seismic events through progressive collapse design strategies and a foundation isolator beneath the data center building. The project is designed for 24-hour operations, while providing a pleasant office environment and a strong sense of place for employees and visitors.

The complex comprises a data center and an office building, connected by a lobby at grade level, and a central command station for the data center. The center is nestled into its hilltop site, with landscape features that include at-grade plantings and elevated terrace gardens directly accessible from the office building.

The data building is a large rectangular volume clad in precast stone. The enclosure features a binary coded textured surface whose abstract pattern creates a subtle interplay of light and shadow that dematerializes the building's scale. A raised floor in the main data hall allows for efficient cooling and IT maintenance, while a double roof provides redundant waterproofing above the critical infrastructure.

The four-story office building features a curved facade that is integrated with its landscaped base. It includes a business center, dining amenities, and an outdoor terrace to accommodate meetings and repose. The office interiors are organized in an open plan configuration. At the ceiling, the concrete structure and MEP and IT systems are exposed, giving the interior workplace a techno-industrial feel appropriate to its function.