BBVA Global Interior Design Standards

SOM developed the Global Interior Design Standards and Manual for BBVA, an international retail banking institution. The standards guide a complete transformation of BBVA's workplaces around the world, aiming to reinforce the company's core values, strengthen its focus on client services, and amplify opportunities for growth. To achieve these goals, BBVA is shifting its workspaces to a completely open plan environment—a move that supports the company's evolution from a traditional, hierarchical structure to a more flexible and collaborative one.

The standards define a workplace model with four primary components: Individual Work Settings, Collaborative and Confidential Work Settings, Support Spaces, and Business and Client Centers. Each of these components is designed to enhance collaboration, agility, and the user experience. In addition to office interiors, the standards direct the design of elevator lobbies, reception and waiting areas, conference facilities, and support areas. They also outline a global procurement strategy, with criteria for fixtures and finishes in accordance with local manufacturing, installation, and maintenance recommendations.

With the standards in place, BBVA is making the most of the opportunity to transform its culture and workplace design across its facilities worldwide. As of 2018, the standards have been implemented in four of BBVA's buildings: the Operations Center, in Mexico City, and the Centro Tecnológico in Atizapán, Mexico, both designed by SOM; the headquarters in Mexico City, designed by Rogers and Legoretta; and the headquarters in Madrid, designed by Herzog & de Meuron. The guidelines will continue to be rolled out in other BBVA locations as new opportunities arise for development and renovation.