Bio-Esfera is the first parcel to be developed within the Distrito La Perla Master Plan, which transforms an underutilized site in Guadalajara into a vibrant, mixed-use destination. The Bio-Esfera office complex comprises two building blocks that provide flexible, multi-tenant spaces oriented toward technology and creative companies. Organized around a central courtyard evocative of the public plazas prevalent throughout Guadalajara, the building provides a series of richly varied communal open spaces including gardens, balconies, terraces, roof decks and an outdoor amphitheater. With a grand entrance adjacent to a public plaza on the eastern edge of the site, along with connections between the courtyard and pedestrian promenades, the building and its amenities are woven into the urban fabric of Distrito La Perla.

The facade is composed of precast concrete fins that filter light into the interior office space, while reducing solar glare and heat gain. Each fin is designed to be constructed and finished by hand using local materials, methods, and techniques. A multi-phasing approach allows all of the fins to be cast on site during construction, which reduces the project’s energy and carbon footprint. Operable ventilators are incorporated into the shaded window system to passively cool the interior, while floor-to-ceiling glass optimizes daylighting and provides unhindered views.

In consideration of Guadalajara’s abundant summer rainfall, ample roof gardens and terraces are designed to capture rain water for reuse and to minimize storm water discharge. A centralized utility plant facilitates water movement and ensures the efficient operation of building systems. Future development on the site will include potable water wells and a campus-wide wastewater treatment plant that will allow the building to operate independently of the city’s infrastructure.