Broadgate – Exchange House – Structural Engineering

Exchange House, positioned at the head of Exchange Square, is one of 14 buildings in London's Broadgate development. It is located directly over British Rail train tracks that run north of the historic Liverpool Street Station.

This 10-story office building is supported by an expressed structural frame that spans the tracks in the manner of a bridge, with a parabolic arch forming the basis of the overall structural engineering design. SOM determined that this strategy was the most efficient solution, combining formal dynamism, efficient use of materials, and ease of erection. The four parallel structural arches — two expressed externally and two internally — provide a structural skeleton for the large, flexible, column-free office areas.

Exchange House is notable for the way in which a singular structural concept resulted in a functional and elegant architectural solution, and for the way it corresponds to Britain’s long tradition of iron, steel, and glass structures.