Brunswick School – Edwards Middle School

In designing a new building for a prestigious preparatory school founded in 1902, SOM sought to project a sense of timeless beauty and permanence. The Brunswick Middle School facility incorporates classrooms, a computer room, an auditorium, a cafeteria, science laboratories, a library, and administrative offices. These spaces are skillfully integrated and organized to enhance the educational experience for students, faculty, and staff.

The traditional red brick schoolhouse helps delineate two areas of campus. On one side, the building overlooks a central green (around which SOM subsequently designed and placed other facilities), as well as an oval drive forming the hub of the school’s pedestrian and vehicular circulation system. The opposite facade provides views of athletic fields that lie to the rear of the new schoolhouse.

The middle school was the first building completed on the Edwards campus, which SOM began master planning in 1997. Since that time, the firm has assisted the Brunswick School in consolidating its facilities, formerly scattered around downtown Greenwich, at the new 104-acre site.