Brunswick School – Lower School and Gymnasium

SOM has a longstanding relationship with the Brunswick School, having designed six projects for the prestigious New England private school. This building marked the successful conclusion of a multiphase development program conceived by SOM.

For the Lower School and Gymnasium, creating didactic architecture was a key goal. The building is organized around a central atrium, where suspended beneath a great skylight is a full-size, museum-quality replica of a Tyrannosaurus rex — a remarkable feature that evokes awe among the young students. Moreover, two 400-gallon aquariums form an entry foyer and become an extension of the science program.

Glass walls in the atrium reveal the school’s library, cafeteria, and rooms for art and music. Classrooms are clustered around halls filled with natural light, while a large room that doubles as a gymnasium and theater looks out toward a new football stadium. Exposed structural wood trusses give the building a warm materiality and help it blend with its wooded surroundings.