Burj Khalifa – MEP

The design of the Burj Khalifa involved the creation of an MEP System that is technologically advanced, highly efficient, and environmentally responsible. Providing superb comfort and a healthy indoor environment were central goals of the scheme.

The tower has one of the world's highest pressure-chilled water systems, with a 460 psi (3.2 Mpa). Rather than relying completely on desalinization, the innovative cooling condensate recovery system can provide 14 Olympic-sized swimming pools of fresh water annually. Additionally, centralized high-quality filtration was incorporated to reduce maintenance needs and to provide healthy breathing air.

The high-performance curtain wall attenuates the summer heat and delivers superb radiant thermal comfort. A “life boat” vertical transportation system was designed with advanced monitoring and controls to provide easy egress during emergency events. A back-up system that can serve critical functions, such as supplying and draining water, during a power outage was integrated into the office pavilion.