Busan Lotte Town Tower

Situated on a prominent waterfront site, the Busan Lotte Town Tower is poised to become the new gateway to East Asia. Standing at more than 510 meters, the supertall skyscraper holds a vast, 362,000-square-meter program consisting of offices, condos, a hotel, retail and entertainment space, and underground parking. The streetscape is enlivened by a vibrant retail podium, while the waterfront side features raised parks and plazas that connect directly to a promenade.

The tower’s slender, three-sided shape is driven by the compact site, the complex program, the desire to optimize views, and strict structural requirements. Tower setbacks occur at transitions between major program components and are arranged with a clockwise spin to animate the facades. Concrete outrigger walls transfer perimeter column loads to six mega-columns, allowing each tier to have an independent column layout appropriate for its function.

Various sustainable measures ensure environmental responsibility, including light shelves for enhanced daylighting, and energy optimization and cogeneration to reduce grid demand.