Cendere Master Plan

SOM’s plan to redevelop Istanbul's Cendere Valley will create a vibrant new district for the growing metropolitan area. Currently characterized by extensive industrial use, the plan for the 130-hectare site creates a high-density mixed-use neighborhood of over 760,000-square-meters of development, defining a pedestrian-focused public realm and strong linkages with the natural landscape which surrounds it.

Landscape permeates the development with shaded plazas, urban gardens, green walks and a new city river park. The roofs of buildings, overlooked from various surrounding viewpoints in the valley, form additional amenity spaces and act as a ‘fifth facade’, improving the public face of the valley floor as viewed from above.

Character, scale and architectural expression are inspired by the rhythm, color and rich relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces of traditional Ottoman Architecture found within inner-city-districts of Istanbul. Development is generally limited to six stories, punctuated by taller buildings which act as urban markers for public transport nodes.