Central Barangaroo

For nearly 200 years, the wharves in Sydney Harbor served as the portal to Australia. As Sydney grows as a green, global hub, the 22-hectare Barangaroo area—adjacent to the central business district—is in the midst of a dramatic rebirth. Following an international search in 2012, SOM was selected to lead a design team to complete the Central Barangaroo Master Plan, encompassing the western waterfront of Sydney’s iconic harbor.

Designed to provide a clear and comprehensive vision for Central Barangaroo, the plan includes a southern section that connects to and extends the CBD, a northern section that will become a major new park adjoining the existing Barangaroo Reserve, and a climate-positive plan for a recreational, cultural, and residential district that weaves together new development, revitalizes surrounding historic neighborhoods, and gives Sydneysiders a mixed-use green public waterfront.

A continuous pedestrian and bicycle pathway along the harbor’s edge ties Barangaroo Reserve, Central Barangaroo, and Barangaroo South into a singular attraction. Designed as a walkable collection of environmentally sustainable waterfront places, the master plan reflects the site’s continuous spirit of commercial and cultural exchange.

The SOM-led master plan for Central Barangaroo demonstrates the city's vision for a vibrant mixed-use district, and is designed to change over time to meet the evolving needs of its constituents. Now under further development, Barangaroo is leading an active bidding process to realize the vision, with final designs to be revealed in the future.