Changi International Airport – Rail Terminal

With Singapore’s emergence as a key global transportation hub, city and airport officials recognized the need for a new intermodal transit link. Since opening in 1981, Changi Airport had relied only on taxi and bus connections. The Changi Airport Rail Terminal, which opened in 2001, allows passengers to connect to an extended subway line and provides an underground pedestrian concourse that links two of the airport’s three terminals.

The centerpiece of the 2,500-square-meter station is an illuminated bridge that stretches the entire length of the concourse and is one of the world’s longest clear-span bridges. A steel superstructure supports its translucent glass floor. Two 40-meter-high atriums, enclosed by cable-supported glass walls, anchor the station at each end, ushering in daylight and allowing travelers to view the tropical landscape in the airport’s public zone.

The train platforms are free of columns, as the bridge carries most of the structural load. The platform and track vault are made of poured-in-place concrete; the interior is clad in noise-reducing metal acoustical panels.