Chicago Symphony Center – Orchestra Hall

Since 1904, Orchestra Hall has been home to the renowned Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The Georgian building, designed by the pioneering architect Daniel Burnham, was in need of a dramatic makeover by the end of the 20th century. The project called for enhancing the concert hall experience by improving sightlines and acoustics, in addition to bolstering public and back-of-house spaces.

Restoration of the landmark building involved strengthening the foundation, expanding facilities, and redesigning HVAC systems. New or expanded spaces include rehearsal halls, lobbies, meeting rooms, and a public arcade that connects the Michigan Avenue Symphony Center entrance to a new rotunda.

Critical backstage space and rehearsal areas were augmented by a new eight-story artistic support wing. Other facilities, including conductor and guest dressing rooms and equipment storage areas, were added below ground. SOM also renovated the adjacent Chapin & Gore building, adding a cafe, restaurant, music education center, and administrative offices.