COFCO Landmark Plaza

COFCO Landmark is a new office complex for China's largest food company. Located alongside the gate to Beijing's historic Temple of Earth, the complex features two towers connected by a 13-story glass atrium that serves as the main entrance and focal point.

Combining glass with stone walls that wrap around and frame the buildings, the clean, modern architectural design creates a calm and timeless addition to Beijing's Andingmen Outer Street, while appearing open and welcoming to the public. The glass atrium forms a continuous relationship between the ground-level amenity spaces and the offices above. It offers views towards the city on its west side and the neighboring Qing Dynasty temple with its lush park on the east. At night, the atrium glows to become a visible marker for the street.

Respecting its rich cultural surroundings and physical context, the height of the complex steps down towards the entrance to the Temple of Earth. Terraced gardens on the podium roof offer views of the Temple and the Park. The high-performance design of COFCO Landmark Plaza targets both LEED® Gold and China's Three Star certifications.