Deerfield Academy – Koch Center for Science, Math and Technology

Evoking wonder and excitement among students, the distinctive design for the Koch Center for Science, Math and Technology grew out of Deerfield Academy’s commitment to become a leader in science and math education. The programming emerged from extensive research combined with a visionary symposium involving faculty members, architects, educators, alumni, and experts in related fields.

In addition to classrooms, labs, a planetarium, and a 225-seat Socratic lecture hall, the building contains a three-story Science Commons. This dynamic, multi-use space features a map of the stars and a skylight whose shape was inspired by an analemma, a curve that represents the movement of celestial bodies.

Mediating a steep grade change, the building has brick walls that appear to fold into the site’s existing contour lines. Green roofs and terraces further integrate the architecture into the landscape. A low-energy mechanical system and a high-performance building envelope helped the project earn LEED® Gold certification.