Dewey Ballantine LLP

SOM worked with Dewey Ballantine to develop a long-term design approach for their new location in the Wells Fargo Center in downtown Los Angeles. The project entailed the immediate design of a 50,000-square-foot office spanning two floors, with consideration paid to the law firm's ability to lease contiguous floors within the next several years.

A careful investment of the project budget and an efficient utilization of space were balanced with the need to create a pleasing, high-caliber work environment. The resulting design has a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic that appeals to clients, staff, and potential recruits.

SOM placed attorney offices in neighborhood configurations to support Dewey Ballantine's team-based practice. Mindful of a possible expansion, the designers installed a staircase that can extend to future floors. The space also features a library, staff lounge, and two boardrooms served by a club-like reception lounge. Subtle finishes enhance an open and light-infused architectural envelope that reflects the law firm's corporate personality and distinguished reputation.