Electronic Arts Headquarters – Phase 1

SOM’s master plan for the Silicon Valley headquarters of the gaming company Electronic Arts (EA)focused on density and connectivity. The programmatic needs dictated that development would proceed in multiple stages.

For the first phase, SOM designed and completed a pair of contemporary six- and eight-story office buildings and a parking garage at the site’s southeast corner. With informal gathering spaces and open layouts, the low-rise structures encourage creative collaboration among game developers — one of the company’s top priorities.

Sited between the two offices is a commons building with ample employee amenities, including a cafeteria, gymnasium, and fitness center. Built with rigorous adherence to the project budget, the campus buildings express EA’s vitality and ingenuity through the innovative use of durable local materials such as colored concrete and special aggregate resin in the precast facade. Moreover, off-the-shelf glass garage doors allow an entire wall of a cafe to open up to a central quad.