Electronic Arts Headquarters – Phase 2

The highly customized workplace for the second phase of Electronic Arts's corporate headquarters is a direct response to the tremendous intensity with which the company develops its video games.

Evoking the spirit of Silicon Valley’s warehouses, the main studio building is loft-like in character and features a two-story, glass-enclosed lobby that doubles as an informal meeting space. Notable for its integration of energy-efficient design components, the building is largely concrete, which drastically reduces the project’s overall embodied energy. Advanced lighting and climate-control strategies further reduce energy consumption. Adjacent to this studio lies a spacious auditorium designed for the testing and demonstration of new games.

The project follows completion of the SOM-designed phase one, which entailed construction of two office buildings, a commons building with a fitness center and cafeteria, and a central lawn that serves as a focal point for the entire development. SOM designed the master plan for the EA Campus.