Since its inception in the early 2000s, Elementum, part of the One-North innovation district within the Buona Vista neighborhood, has been at the center of Singapore's thriving biomedical industry. Over several phases of development, the research hub has continually expanded into a vibrant campus, one that has helped define the identity of Buona Vista. Elementum, the sixth phase of Biopolis that is being developed by Ho Bee Land, will establish a northern gateway to this neighborhood, and elevate the innovative and collaborative spirit of the campus with a technologically driven, community-focused design.

The massing of the 12-story structure responds to the unusual shape of its site: Bending around the perimeter in a U-shape, the building will create a distinctive presence and visual marker for the Elementum campus. More than half of the ground level is an atrium space, open to the outdoors—a continuation of the surrounding parks and streets. The podium rises above this outdoor space, encompassing the second and third levels. Atop the podium, a 900-square-meter green roof will provide a setting for events and for tenants to gather, collaborate, and rest. This green roof will be surrounded by the main laboratory levels, in a curving structure that rises in a series of setbacks. The entire building will be enclosed in a high-performance glazing that will optimize energy efficiency, contributing to the project's Green Mark Platinum certification target.

The labs are designed for use by multiple tenants, from biomedical startups to more established companies. To support this broad array of companies, the labs will range in size from 73 square meters to 2,000 square meters, and each of these areas will be able to transition into offices as tenancy changes. To foster the cross-pollination of ideas, the building will be rich in communal spaces and amenities—from terraces on the setbacks to a significantly enhanced public realm on the ground.

The building will face one of Singapore's newest national parks, a 24-kilometer railway-turned-greenway called the Rail Corridor. With a porous ground floor, Elementum will seamlessly integrate into this natural landscape. Stepping gardens will connect the Rail Corridor with the ground-level retail, as well as an abundance of new community spaces that did not exist before. An amphitheater, new playgrounds, and lawns will coalesce with the corridor to create a thriving community destination, not only for tenants' wellness, but for the entire Buona Vista district.