Golden Hills

SOM’s master plan for a sustainable residential community near Danang looks to set a new benchmark for ecologically sensitive development in Vietnam. The plan covers 375 hectares along the Cu De River and incorporates a wide range of uses organized by district. These districts include residential neighborhoods, a village center, a business zone, and a designated area for education, sports, and leisure.

SOM's plan addresses the site’s critical flood risks through a series of forward-looking stormwater strategies that preserve existing watercourses and natural landscapes. New terraced levels will integrate development into the site and will ensure flood protection.

The master plan expands and reinforces the verdant character of Danang. It establishes a new waterfront ecopark designed to restore, protect, and enhance the wildlife habitat. This park will connect to a network of linear greenways for recreation and stormwater management. Moreover, public spaces are incorporated into each district, assuring all residents are within a short walk to a shaded area for respite.