GSC Group Offices

This financial office turns the corporate workplace on its ear by combining a technologically performative work environment with the finishes of an upscale hotel and tying the design together with a large-scale work of contemporary art.

The New York City headquarters of GSC Group, an international investment manager of alternative assets, is a warm environment that immerses workers in light and views of nature. The design takes full advantage of the client’s location on two floors of an L-shaped glass office building in Midtown facing Central Park. Taking a cue from residential design, deep wood blinds add character to perimeter windows and allow daylight to be modulated to an appropriate ambience for a trading floor.

Wrapping around the interior of the open office is a stimulating work of art designed in collaboration with the digital media artist Cory Arcangel. Arcangel photographed Central Park on a sunny spring day, digitally manipulated the images to create a pixelated texture, and installed them in a sophisticated glass wall illuminated from behind by diffused light.

Caught between the digital glow of this electronic artwork and the filtered sunlight of the glass façade, the open office features custom workstations fabricated out of a natural wood product. The modular design allows the workstation layout to be quickly reconfigured depending on the balance of employee types. A communicating stair provides connection between offices, a trading floor, conference rooms, a pantry, and a gallery.