Guiyang World Trade Center

Located between a mountainous landscape and the Nanming River, the Guiyang World Trade Center is a vibrant, mixed-use hillside city and riverfront park development that showcases the best of its surrounding natural environment.

The dense, pedestrian-friendly complex in Guiyang comprises 21 structures: a composition of high-rise and low-rise buildings that extends from the site's eastern hillside to the river on the western side. At 380 meters tall, a landmark tower forms the centerpiece of the World Trade Center. Combining commercial office space with a hotel, the tower is flanked by a retail mall to the north and multistory conference and event facilities to the south. Four other towers in the complex provide retail space at the street level and SOHO (small office/home office) space above, while a transit hub for regional bus service is located below ground. In addition, a SOHO Village of seven four-story buildings provide more retail facilities. These terraced buildings recall Guiyang's heritage of mountain villages while offering grand views of the landscape.

Two key pedestrian pathways connect the hillside section of the development to the riverfront park: a footbridge elevated above a road, and a promenade that links to the signature 380-meter tower. An aquarium and waterpark complements the lush and intimate park landscape, which are surrounded by a series of low-rise buildings, called the Pavilions, as well as a boutique hotel. Below ground, a large leisure center brings sporting, spa, retail facilities, and other leisure programs to the riverfront development. The multifaceted open park features sculpted landforms, shaded seating areas, and expansive lawns, along with a waterfront amphitheater plaza and fountain that celebrate the beauty of the river and surrounding city.