Guiyang Zhongtian F3 Office Tower

The F3 office tower anchors Future Ark, a vibrant hillside development in Guiyang, China. The tower is located on the west end of the development, opposite the SOM-designed Guiyang World Trade Center.

The site is configured to enhance the tower's prominent position at the intersection of two major regional boulevards. A pedestrian plaza marks the entrance to the broader Future Ark development and conceals underground parking.

The building design is a contemporary interpretation of the classic SOM glass office tower. It features a subtle structural expression, a slim and straight-forward massing, and highly sustainable design features. The glass-paneled facade gradually rotates outward towards each corner of the building to create dynamic corner views, while slightly curved spandrels shade each side. The angles of each facade correspond to the building’s orientation, and optimize shading to increase the building’s efficiency and passive sustainability.

The design utilizes horizontal louvers and push-out windows to achieve natural ventilation requirements on mechanical and office floors, and maintain a uniform vertical facade expression. At the crown, the perimeter structure connects to the building core, enclosing a covered outdoor lounge and event space with unobstructed views.