Heritage Mutual Insurance

Built on former farmland, the primary feature of this building’s 73-acre site is its linearity, which enhances the processional experience upon approach. The building and site organization are conceived as a series of carefully developed, linked objects that refer to the local, rural vernacular in scale and form.

The 145,000-square-foot building contains offices, a training center, and an employee dining room. The departmental spaces are organized around a central galleria that continues the symmetry established by a tree-lined path leading to the building's entrance. The galleria is expressed in elevation as a gabled roof running the length of the building. The gable is interrupted at two points by transepts that indicate principal entrances to each department.

The building is clad with local Winona limestone. Exterior glazing responds to sun angles, compensating for southern exposures with deeply inset fenestration. Windows are green glass and are set in operable sashes of natural teak. Wood grilles act as brise-soleils on the east and west facades.