Hyatt Global Headquarters

For Hyatt Hotels, one of the most recognizable names in hospitality, SOM designed a new global headquarters that speaks to the company’s long, rich history. The space is both inviting and forward-thinking, with distinctive features that reinforce the company’s brand image and core values.

The project’s centerpiece is a seven-story atrium that was conceived as an homage to Hyatt’s seminal hotel atrium concept. Cantilevering into the open space are wooden “amenity boxes” that provide areas for privacy. A grand glass staircase serves as the main circulation spine, with workspaces branching off to create a vibrant workplace urbanism. The use of natural materials and an earth-toned color palette create a welcoming, Zen-like atmosphere.

In addition to Hyatt, the space also houses other Pritzker family businesses. SOM conducted extensive studies in order to create an office environment that both unifies the entities and enables each of them to express their individuality.