IPsoft – Global Workplace Strategy and Design Standards

Founded in 1998, technology company IPsoft rapidly grew into a global enterprise in less than two decades. In order to create a unified identity across multiple locations around the world, IPsoft partnered with SOM. Through three simultaneous projects in New York, London, and Tokyo, SOM helped the company create a design language that is consistent with its brand and reinforces a common culture across its offices worldwide.

SOM’s design aligns with IPsoft’s progressive, dynamic culture, its unique work style, and its 24/7 business model. Efficiency, a key business objective, is reinforced through a robust workplace strategy. Where IPsoft expanded to multiple floors in its buildings, SOM created seamless vertical connections with interconnecting stairs. Along the corridors, strategically located meeting spaces provide opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

At the New York headquarters in Lower Manhattan, the Cognitive Lab is designed to introduce IPsoft’s AI agent, Amelia. The lab creates a single platform where artificial intelligence technologies are designed, tested, and showcased. It integrates cutting edge audiovisual technologies and multimedia, reinforcing innovation through design. Designed for flexibility, the space can be reconfigured from a workspace into a town hall or to a theater throughout the day.

The Cognitive Lab is a clean, contemporary space and a neutral backdrop for multiple settings and uses—with mirror-backed glass walls, concrete floors, and LED lights that continue through the floor, walls, and ceiling. A 40-foot-long curved LED screen can be moved effortlessly from the adjoining board room into the Cognitive Lab, transforming the light-filled interior into an immersive technological environment. At the center of the space, a custom-designed metal bench puts users at the center of the show.