Jet Airways Lounges

Designed to meet an array of needs, the new lounges for Jet Airways will offer travelers a tranquil resting place, a lively social atmosphere, refreshing shower facilities, and a full suite of business amenities. At the same time, they express India’s changing face by reinterpreting the materials and principles of traditional Hindu and Islamic architecture and synthesizing them with contemporary travel design.

Conceived as an interior landscape, the lounges evoke the intricate geometries and carefully filtered views of a Mughal garden. A system of parallel wooden arches, each with a unique profile reflecting circulation, define pockets of activity without dividing the space into isolated compartments. Together, these undulating forms portray a sense of gentle motion, creating a calming refuge at the heart of a bustling airport.

Recognizing the needs of modern travelers, the lounges provide wi-fi connectivity, and each wooden arch contains lighting and electrical outlets so passengers can recharge portable devices. A sophisticated flight information display system shows arrival and departure times, while electronic wall art serves as a lively visual backdrop.