Jianianhua Center – Environmental Graphics

Located in the heart of a Chinese port city, Jianianhua Center defines a new kind of civic landmark, one that establishes a meaning and presence through an innovative integration of architecture and graphic design. Through the unexpected application of common billboard technology, the glass volume is transformed into a dynamic architecture.

Using a standard triad signage system, the building’s entire eight-story facade was transformed into a slow-moving choreographed graphic. The client commissioned the first super-graphic to celebrate Chinese New Year and the opening of an adjacent park. The scheme — an urban flower box — celebrates the approach of spring and captures the ultimate symbol of good fortune in China: 1,000 simultaneously blooming flowers. The concept is visualized through a seemingly infinite combination of abstract pattern and color sequences through the programmed rotation of the individual panels.

The graphic team worked closely with the architects to make sure the facade would reinforce the design’s urban strategy. The images are both a way of visualizing the intense vitality of the city center and a strategy to help the building stand out using non-commercial graphics. As a public artwork, the design adds beauty and color to the neighborhood and serves as a visual anchor for an adjacent park and plaza.