JTI Headquarters – Structural Engineering

A contemporary architectural landmark in Geneva, the headquarters for JTI is a triangular ten-story building framed in structural steel, with an open central courtyard. The building’s distinctive form arises from its challenging site, delimited by intercity rail lines to the west and a tight city boundary to the south. SOM's integrated architectural and engineering team devised an innovative structural design—lifting the northeast corner of the building with a dramatic cantilever to allow public access to the central courtyard, while maximizing views from within the building to Lake Geneva and the historic city center.

Each of building's three perimeter and courtyard elevations are sloped, full-depth nested Pratt trusses, tied together by moment connections at the spandrel beams. They act together to resist all gravity and lateral loads. Because it requires limited supports, the design enables the cantilevers of 48 and 60 meters, and clear spans of up to 75 meters, to create building's distinctive elevations. Floor framing consists of composite steel beams and lightweight composite metal deck slabs.

The result—a building defined by its bold, iconic geometry—creates a strong identity for JTI within a district that is home to prestigious institutions, including the United Nations and World Health Organization. At the same time, it is sensitive to the surrounding low-rise urban context. The project demonstrates SOM’s commitment to integrated design, sustainability, and innovative workplace solutions.