Kia Motors America, Inc. Research and Development Project

This simple and efficient structure comprises a pair of two-story buildings, containing office and technical functions, joined by a glazed “bridge” for executive and administrative offices. This volume floats above a large, top-lit gallery where cars are displayed. A series of 27-foot-high pivoting glass doors connect the gallery to an entrance plaza and a large multi-purpose room, creating a flexible indoor-outdoor environment for special events.

Parking areas are located on the site’s outer edges and are screened by trees, allowing room for a reflecting pool facing Interstate 5 (the building is oriented to be highly visible to passing motorists) and an amphitheater and palm grove.

This building is adjacent to the Kia Design Center, another project by SOM located within the Kia Motors America corporate campus. Together, they elevate the typology of the suburban office park.