Logan International Airport – International Gateway Project, Terminal E

SOM’s renovation and expansion of Terminal E represented a signature component of a $1 billion improvement project at Logan International Airport. For the aging terminal, SOM added 410,000 square feet and conceived an experiential sequence that uses light to guide visitors.

The sequence begins at the arrivals level, where travelers pass through three-story glass vestibules and encounter a luminous wall of laminated Douglas fir veneer and glass, which serves as the ticket counter backdrop. Visitors then pass through the concourses, where glass columns draw natural light from above. The sequence concludes at the customs area, which features an illuminated wall of fritted glass and a light-filled greeting hall.

Beyond enhancing the visitor experience, the design also strengthens the airport’s relationship with the city. Inside, passengers enjoy panoramic views of Boston Harbor through a sweeping glass curtain wall. Outside, the terminal’s crystalline vestibules are visible at night from downtown Boston.