Long Beach Police and Fire Department Memorial

The Long Beach Civic Center, located in the heart of downtown, provides this coastal port city with three new community buildings—the City Hall, Port Headquarters, and the Billie Jean King Main Library. Given the site’s significant redesign to accommodate the new buildings, existing structures and landscape elements were demolished, including a memorial dedicated to the fallen officers of the city’s police and fire departments.

To replace the memorial, the SOM graphics team created a new monument that not only honors the fallen, but also gives the community a place to mourn. Designed using a triangle module—a figurative representation of the folded flag—the installation consists of bronze and black panels. Bronze triangles are dedicated to fallen officers, with their name and department shield engraved, while black triangles are left blank, to be replaced with bronze in the event of an officer’s passing. The varying shades of bronze, achieved with an oil-rubbed finish, correspond to each fallen officer’s department.

The entire memorial is held together by a cylindrical steel framework. Painted to complement the memorial wall’s color, it reflects the warm bronze of the police and fire officers’ badges.