Longgang Tian’an Cyber Park

This new mixed-use complex in Shenzhen’s Longgang District is designed to be a vibrant hub for business and entertainment. SOM's master plan is based on the concept of a 21st-century village — where narrow streets define a human-scaled pedestrian environment, and where offices, shops, cinemas, restaurants, and a luxury hotel are all linked to a regional transportation system.

A distinctive, 200-meter office tower will anchor the northwest corner of the site and will become a prominent figure on the Longgang District skyline. The tower will feature an innovative, solar-responsive skin and an efficient “mesh”-type structure that results in a column-free interior.

An array of angular roadways recalling the diagonals of the tower's structure will weave the buildings into a seamless pedestrian network. A continuous concourse below the street level will connect the tower, stores, loft-style offices, hotel, and a bus station with a mosaic of planted sunken courtyards. A rooftop cluster of office penthouses and destination restaurants will turn the complex into a three-dimensional matrix of activity and will offer panoramic views to the surrounding hills.