Nebula is an urban lighting system that complements any cityscape while enhancing the public realm with a contemporary and recognizable design. Designed by SOM and high-end Italian lighting manufacturer Neri, the collection is manufactured in Italy and can be configured to meet the demands of almost any design brief.

Produced at several scales, the lights add a modern twist to historical settings while enlivening contemporary environments. Three primary elements—an illuminating bollard, a path light, and a full-height lighting system—are designed to seamlessly integrate a variety of accessories, from banner holders and planters to power sources.

The collection offers a spectrum of colors and finishes, including the signature Neri gray, pure white, jet black, and moss green. In a nod to Venetian history and Neri’s heritage, the series also comes in a translucent rose, the same hue used for the Murano glass of the city’s historic lanterns.

The Nebula collection is available worldwide through Neri.