Office for Fortune 500 Company

Working with an international corporation for which SOM recently completed a campus headquarters in Europe, our interior design team set out to create a touch-down space in London for the company's executives. SOM applied design elements developed for the headquarters project to this smaller scale, maintaining consistency and reinforcing the company's brand.

Given that the space is located within a Grade II-listed building of historic significance, SOM tailored its design to preservation guidelines. Outfitting two floors, SOM retained elements important to the site’s heritage, from structural components to intricate trim.

Contemporary design elements, such as modern decor, were layered into the historic space, resulting in a contrasting experience. Calming palettes provide a fresh interpretation of the luxury office and accentuate historic details. Deep oak and rosewood tones set rich and subtle blues in relief, while patterned carpets distinguish the space. Minimal fixtures are subtle punctuations of a modern lifestyle.

Overall, this executive environment embodies a specific sense of place within the company’s larger identity. Using the welcoming attributes of hospitality at a residential scale, the Mount Street townhouse provides a comfortable and collaborative experience in the heart of London.