This 70-story, mixed-use tower was designed for Sentral District, a new financial, residential, and cultural hub that has emerged due to Kuala Lumpur’s growing position in the global economy. Following the agenda of the district, One IFC combines office, hotel, and residential programs in one tower, with each program articulated as an independent volume.

A base dimension representing a large office plate establishes the footprint, while narrow hotel and residential volumes are “stacked” above. These vertically stacked housing units rotate to create alternating internal and external voids, allowing natural ventilation passageways as well as outdoor gardens. Kuala Lumpur’s consistent temperature, humidity, and wind velocities make this a viable and effective strategy.

Perforated shear walls make up the perimeter, providing lateral structural support for the alternating voids. The tower's architectural expression represents a holistic approach to merging programmatic, environmental, and structural considerations.