Pearl River Tower – MEP

Pearl River Tower integrates innovative technologies to significantly reduce the amount of energy required to operate the building, and to promote the highest levels of human comfort and indoor air quality.

The 309-meter tower's sculpted body directs wind to a pair of openings at its mechanical floors, where traveling winds push turbines that generate energy for the building. Triple-glazed facades with exterior blinds are located on the east and west elevations, and internally ventilated double-skin facades are located on the north and south. Both incorporate automated blinds, greatly contributing to the building’s energy efficiency. Return air is routed through the cavity of the double-layer curtain wall, increasing in temperature as it travels upward to mechanical floors. This hot, dry air serves as an energy source to dehumidify the outside air.

Inside, a radiant cooling system delivers sensible cooling to the space through radiation heat transfer. Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) is decoupled with the radiant ceiling to allow for exceptional environmental comfort while addressing ventilation issues.