Pearl River Tower – Sustainable Design

Driven to create one of the world's most energy-efficient skyscrapers, SOM incorporated the latest sustainable technology and engineering know-how into its design of the 309-meter-tall Pearl River Tower. The design embodies the idea of humankind existing in harmony with the environment.

The tower's sleek, aerodynamic form was developed through a careful understanding of solar and wind patterns around the site. The design optimizes the solar path and utilizes the sun to the building's advantage. The tower's sculpted body directs wind to a pair of openings at the mechanical floors, where turbines generate energy for the building.

Other integrated design and engineering elements include solar panels, a double-skin curtain wall, a chilled ceiling system, underfloor air ventilation, and daylight harvesting. Collectively, these attributes will achieve significant energy savings and will reduce the tower's dependency on the city's infrastructure.