Poly Corporation Headquarters

For the Poly Corporation, SOM created a striking headquarters building that unifies the company's various subsidiaries. The unique design solution incorporates 24 stories of office space built around a 90-meter-tall atrium enclosed by the world’s largest cable-net-supported glass wall.

The stone-clad building’s triangular form minimizes the perimeter exposure to the elements, while interior atria give office areas maximum access to daylight. The resulting L-shaped office plan cradles the main atrium and enhances a sense of community by allowing office workers to see into other areas of the building. The northeast orientation also responds to the region’s cold climate by providing greater access to direct natural daylight.

The building also houses the Poly Museum, whose mission is to repatriate China’s cultural antiquities. The museum is contained within an eight-story "hanging lantern" that is suspended from the building's atrium via four parallel strand bridge cables. Its crystalline surface of patterned glass is pleated to increase its light-reflecting and refracting qualities. Within the museum, bronze walls enclose exhibition spaces.