Poly Real Estate Headquarters

This striking mixed-use development is located in Guangzhou, an industrial city along the Pearl River. Sited within a new commercial district, the complex consists of two office towers, each coupled with a podium that houses exhibition and retail space and a below-grade expo hall and trade center.

The energy-efficient towers are defined by their expressed structure and offset cores. The north-facing facades feature floor-to-ceiling glass, while on the south, an exposed structural framework serves as a shading device. The buildings further achieve sustainability through natural ventilation, floor-by-floor mechanical systems, under-floor air distribution, shaded outdoor space, and green roofs.

Because the Pearl River Delta has always been a dynamic nexus of trade in China, views of the water were essential to the design of the complex. Thanks to innovative structural spines and double-lattice braces, the offset cores are light and transparent, allowing a high degree of openness. An abstracted Chinese garden, filled with local vegetation and organized around water elements, occupies the central space between the towers.