Poly Real Estate Headquarters – Structural Engineering

Composed of two striking white towers with offset cores, Poly Real Estate Headquarters is an office and retail development located in China’s Pearl River Delta. The towers’ design and engineering intelligently respond to the local climate, in addition to yielding a distinctive landmark for the industrial city of Guangzhou.

Each tower features lateral X-bracing on the south façade that not only provides structural support, but also shields the interiors from direct sunlight. On the north, the towers are defined by floor-to-ceiling glass shaded by vertical fins. The structural frame is designed to decrease solar gain by nearly 50 percent. It also significantly reduced construction costs, as it required 15 percent less steel than a standard structural frame.

Inside the towers, slender 15-meter floor plates allow daylight to bathe the column-free space, decreasing the need for artificial lighting. Under-floor systems take advantage of natural convection to supply fresh air. Halfway up both towers, a three-story terrace serves as a wind-relieving portal, reducing loads by allowing wind to pass through the building.