Poly Skyline Plaza

Poly Skyline Plaza is a mixed-use complex that embraces the spirit of its place in Pazhou, an emerging commercial district in Guangzhou. At this significant site along the Pearl River, the design responds to the region's challenging climate and to the commercial demands of its office, hotel, and residential components. Two towers are distinguished by their aerodynamic forms, an interplay of convex and concave curves oriented to maximize views and improve wind performance.

The 63-story office tower is configured as a highly efficient workplace with spectacular views of the river and countryside. The 39-story hotel and residential tower follows a similar massing strategy with a smaller floor plate. The fluid exterior form and expression contrasts with the adjacent green countryside, while evoking the flowing Pearl River. Linked by a podium that contains hotel amenities, the pair of towers creates a landmark for the district.

The basic geometry of the office tower is a tapered, rounded square plan, with convex facades at the east and the west and subtle concave facades at the north and south. Sculptural apertures at the top of each tower are designed to further reduce wind forces, accommodate wind turbines, and provide dramatic indoor and outdoor meeting and lounge spaces. The six-story podium includes a hotel function room and restaurants with riverfront and garden views, as well as a pool enclosed by an undulating, clerestory-lit roof.

A transparent facade visually connects the elegant lobby, reception, and lounge areas with the lush landscaped grounds. The curtain wall consists of clear, low-e coated insulated glazing with minimal frames. Cut into this smooth facade are continuous horizontal slots to create a natural ventilation cavity. By extending the exterior wall glass below the stack joint and recessing the spandrel panel, this cavity allows air to flow into the interior space via a ventilator located above the finish floor. The extended panel also shields the cavity from water infiltration during high wind seasons.

On the east and west facades, perforated metal sunshades provide solar protection and reflect light onto the interior ceilings. The high-efficiency HVAC system features full economizer capacity. This integrated mechanical and exterior envelope design improves indoor comfort, while reducing the tower’s energy consumption by an estimated four percent compared to the ASHRAE 90.1.2007 baseline.