Residential Tower, Latin America

Located in a fast-growing business district, this residential tower will house rental and condo units, a wide mix of amenities, retail space, and parking. From its base, the building will reach an overall height of more than 200 meters.

SOM designed the tower as a series of vertical stalks that angle toward and away from one another as they rise, creating an animated silhouette against the sky. This strategy enhances the building in several ways. While the residential units are afforded more corners and views to the context, the different height stalks allow for breathtaking outdoor terraces at various elevations within the section. Elevator cores and shear walls are gathered together in the center of the tower’s footprint, providing for the most efficient and flexible layout of residential units.

The organization of the podium proposes an arrangement of variously scaled planted plazas and reflecting pools that weave through and around the tower base. A counterpoint to the angled movement of the tower, these tranquil spaces will accommodate outdoor social activity and pedestrian entries. From the street, the view toward the valley will be dramatically framed by a gap between ascending tower stalks.