Shanghai Huawei Technologies Corporate Campus

With more than 35,000 employees and a presence in more than 90 countries, Huawei Technologies is one of the world’s leading telecommunications firms. To take advantage of Shanghai’s valuable talent pool and neighboring universities, the company commissioned SOM to design and build an expansive research and development campus in the city’s emerging Pudong District.

The project features two parallel wings with offices and labs bridged by a central building housing a conference room, a cafeteria, and administrative space. The technologically advanced workplace fosters communication across different departments: Each wing features a bamboo-filled galleria that spans its length, resulting in an open plan that creates a sense of community, facilitates easy movement throughout the campus, and allows for future flexibility,

The project also boasts a number of sustainable features. Lush wetlands provide flood control and a strong connection to nature. A double-glazed curtain wall with solar louvers provides natural light and serene views while reducing energy consumption.