Tianjin Global Financial Center

Tianjin Global Financial Center, located in the historic heart of Tianjin, embodies the city’s international prominence as a physical and cultural gateway to China. Across the Hai River from Tianjin’s high-speed rail and transit hub, the 337-meter tower marks the city center and provides an iconic visual point of reference. The tower extends the existing riverfront promenade to create a compact and walkable downtown, as well as a modern identity for the city.

Tianjin Global Financial Center’s structural framework is uniquely slender for a region with high wind loads. The innovative application of steel plate shear walls reduced material usage by 20 to 25 percent over more conventional structural steel systems.

The tower’s uniquely pleated glass exterior catches light and an observation deck and sky restaurant at the top floors provide public access to a 360-degree view of the city.