UBS Ultra-High Net Worth Client Offices – Atlanta

SOM developed new private wealth management centers for UBS in Chicago, Atlanta, and Houston in response to the global financial firm’s implementation of a new business strategy. The project was an exercise in branding, a key component of UBS’s campaign.

To embody the firm’s far-reaching power as well as the intimacy of the client-advisor rapport, SOM established a consistent identity for the three locations, while creating distinctive designs for individual facilities. The program comprises two main components: customer-focused areas where advisors interact with clients, and trading zones where the firm’s operations are managed.

Customer-focused areas reinforce UBS’s public image with welcoming light-filled entryways, while a network of closed meeting spaces emphasize security and confidentiality. Sleek glass and marble finishes reflect UBS’s position within the investment industry, and superior materials echo its commitment to quality.

For UBS’s operational areas, SOM refined the facility by creating a series of small trading pods divided by full-height partitions. These partitions can be repositioned over time, allowing for flexibility and future growth. The materials chosen for each location also take into account sustainability concerns by minimizing waste and making use of local resources.